Test if you have Resting Bitch Face

Our scientists have created a test to figure out if you have Resting Bitch Face.

Think you might have "RBF"? Upload a photo showing a neutral expression here, and our FaceReader software will test it for emotionality. If you see lingering levels of contempt, you just might have RBF!

Test for yourself

The Science

For years, Resting Bitch Face (RBF) is a phenomenon attributed to celebrities like Kanye West and Kirsten Stewart.
Our scientists have used the groundbreaking FaceReader software for their research into RBF. With this software you can detect the basic emotions in humans faces, live or from video files or images. They took images from well know RBF faces and processed them through our FaceReader software. What emerged rather quickly was that one emotion continued to rear its ugly head: the dreaded contempt.
With these results, our scientists have created a test to figure out if your face has signs of conptempt, and maybe you are also suffering from Resting Bitch Face.
Read more about the science of RBF in this blog post!

Do the RBF test

In the tool below you can upload a photo from an url or upload from your system. Our software will analyze your face and will tell you if you have RBF.
If you see Contempt you might have RBF.

  • Upload or browse
  • Use passport photo like pictures
  • Make sure that the pictures you upload are the best they can be

By the way, the better quality the picture, the better the results! Test only photos where your face is clearly visible and the lighting should be sufficient.


Besides the basic facial expressions like happy, sad, angry, disgusted, surprised, scared, and neutral, contempt is another emotion that can be recognized in the face. Contempt is the feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn and therefore seen as a negative emotion.
Politicians show contempt. Or boxers in the ring. Also, many celebraties photographed at the wrong moment can show some contempt in their facial expressions. They might mean it though, when dealing with nasty paparazzi.
Your face can also show contempt. Even if you don’t mean to show this emotion, others can certainly interpret your face. For example, by seeing subtle facial cues: a slight lip-snarl, or the slightest squinting of the eyes and burrowing of brows. So, it can be the case that you don’t want to show contempt, but that your face is showing this slightly negative expression.

Learn more about facial expression recognition on the FaceReader homepage.